Residential Solution

With the rising cost of today’s electricity usage, VE Solar offers an affordable solution to save on monthly bills for your home. By investing in a solar energy system you can maximize your return on investment through increase home value, protection from future energy rate increases and saving the environment at the same time. These are just some of the incentives you will receive when investing in renewable energy. Contrary to popular beliefs, with today’s advance technology solar panels now have a sleek design and blend seamlessly into your house. Saving money and saving the planet – the best of both worlds!

Reduction on Carbon Footprint

Today global warming is becoming a serious issue and is mainly caused by carbon dioxide emission throughout the world. VE Solar’s primary objective as a business is to reduce production of carbon footprints through the usage of clean renewable energy. Solar energy is of the cleanest forms of renewable energy and harnesses the power of the sun to produce limitless supply of power. By installing a solar energy system you can create clean energy and help as a homeowner in the reduction of carbon footprints. Even better, you will generate enough solar energy electricity to offset the energy your home depletes from the utility grid and become a true “Zero Energy Home”.