Our services
Consultation & Design

Every home and business building has unique aspects. This is why knowledgeable team of consultants manages each solar project uniquely depending on the client’s needs. We work closely with you to meet your energy needs, financial goals and design style. Our initial process starts with a site audit for proposed site followed by a draft system design based off a financial budget. We utilize professional site shading assessment tools as well as shading and energy simulation software for every development projects. In addition, we also have a team of in-house CAD drafters to provide our clients an easy understanding of our conceptual drawings and construction plans.

Quality Design Yields High Performance

Having a good design is something VE Solar constantly delivers for each project. With a high performance ratio our company can supply a high-energy yield for every client, which means faster returns on investment. Using advance simulations programs and experience designers we are able to yield high performance. This attributes to an optimized design practice and guaranteed usage of high-quality products.

System Design & Installation

At VE Solar we are committed to ensure our clients receive the best installation service in all projects we manage. Our team of professional technicians and certified electricians ensure that we provide quality installation constantly. On top of that, we have a strategic partnership with a system principal and manufacturer for technical support.

Our closely coordinated team ensures smooth project execution and timely completion. We provide comprehensive documentation management and work closely with our clients and consultants to facilitate all application.

Industry Standard of Excellence

VE Solar ensures that every client we service receives the highest industry standards. That means we supply you with a professional experienced team, the best solar modules and components in the renewable energy industry. The company strives to promote sustainability through solar energy plus stresses the importance of worker’s health and safety issues in our business practices.

Speedy Service

VE Solar understands that our customers want their solar energy system running at full optimization as soon as possible. Hence, our fully stocked inventory gives us that opportunity to perform quick turnaround times during system installation. Our teams of engineers are well-trained to simplify the whole process thus completing assembly and systems running in on time.

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Monitoring Service

Our service does not end after installation completion. VE Solar also provides customers with maintenance services and system monitoring to ensure that your investment performs at an optimal level in order to generate expected results.

Using a state-of-the-art remote monitoring system, our team is able to constantly monitor system performance in real-time enabling immediate support to resolve any unlikely case of system failure. It is essential for us to ensure that every solar system is running at 100% in order to maximize your return on investment.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our professional service team keeps a watchful eye on your system output data to ensure it is always performing at an optimized level. Customers can also login through a dedicated web portal to obtain an hourly report on the performance of their system. Due to the advances of technology the web portal can be accessed via desktop, mobile phone, and mobile application.