Why VE
What Sets Us Apart?

VE Solar is committed to giving its customers their money worth in service. We ensure they get the most out of their solar energy system: optimal energy generation, electrical savings, positive environmental impact and a sense of joy and confidence each time they see a sunny day.

Our company is the leading full-service solar energy provider headquartered in Bangkok Thailand. We offer customers an exclusive experience delivering cutting-edge technology and superior service at every stage of the process so their transition to solar energy is effortless as possible.

Full-Service Team

VE Solar is a full-service operation. This means we can provide custom designs, solar panel installation, ongoing system monitoring, project management, service point contact for an all-in-one service.

We also consist of an in-house team who are experts in design, engineering and customer service. Our company attracts the brightest talent in the solar industry in order to provide customers professional quality service.

Industry Experts

VE Solar recognizes the importance of providing professional service for the market. Thus leading us to establish a joint-partnership with an experience company like Energ-Servis to meet market needs. Our partner Energ-Servis has been in the electric industry for over a decade and in an important player in the area of high voltage electric grid network construction and maintenance. With years of experience now under our belts, VE Solar can design and install high-quality solar panels with a reliable renewable energy system. Together with our expert team of engineers we’ve carefully selected only the highest-grade components to be used. This lets us achieve our goal of balancing quality and value so that we optimize your return on investment.

Quality is Everything

Why is VE Solar so obsessed with quality? The bottom line is that we want to provide our customers with high-quality systems that our robust and not inferior for longer usability.

Quality is key in any renewable energy system. The consequences of not properly choosing a high-grade product can be detrimental. Additional costs may incur such as constant repair, downtime, warranty issues and time-consuming replacements. VE Solar has first hand experience with inferior systems over the years with repairing other customer’s systems.  We put a lot of time and effort in choosing the best reliable components, valid warranties and providing an excellent technical support team based in Thailand.

Technical Expert

We love technical details so you don’t have to.

VE Solar’s technical staff is well trained with the most up to date knowledge from our manufacturers so they are on top with the latest developments. Our technical expertise helps us to:

  • Select the best components for installation
  • Design the most effective systems for each site
  • Deliver high installation standards

Because of the points above, VE Solar is confident to offer superb warranties. If anything fails we can solve the problem immediately.