How Solar works
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Solar Panels

Solar panels (solar modules) are made up of many small solar cells and typically installed on the roof of the location. Solar cells or photovoltaic (PV) help to convert sunlight into usable direct current (DC) power.


Upon receiving (DC) power from the solar panels this power is then sent to an inverter where it is converted into alternate current (AC). This is the standard electric current that is used for homes and businesses.

Electrical Panel

AC power then travels from the inverter to an electrical panel, often known as a breaker box. This power is now ready to use for your home.

Utility Meter

The utility meter is an existing part of your electrical system and serves as monitoring your electricity usage.

Utility Grid

The utility grid is connected to your home to supply you electricity when you need more power that what your solar power system has produced. Often used during the evening when sunlight is unavailable.