VE Solar is a growing solar energy company based in Bangkok, Thailand specializing in efficiently converting the sun’s energy into clean renewable energy using advanced technology equipment that is safe and eco friendly. Partnering with renewable energy professional Energ-Servis from Europe, our company’s goal is to develop successful, long-term relationships between customers and suppliers.

Our company has professional experience merging innovative product designs with superior service to deliver the best value investment for your home or business. Every client is top priority for us. The team carefully selects the best renewable energy solutions available to meet the client’s expectations. We deliver professional solutions to acquire the best outcomes financially, energy wise, long-term investment and in compliance with local regulations and rules. VE Solar manages your investment from design, production and execution to deliver successful results.

Our people

Our people

VE Solar’s success derives not only from our superior products but moreover by our most valuable asset – the people. Our staff is composed of some of the best and brightest talents in the market. We constantly and meticulously search for people who will bring fresh ideas to the table, embrace a team-oriented work environment and display an entrepreneur spirit. Together, we work to build growth, innovation, and development in all business areas and a successful future in one of the most dynamic industries – solar. Everyone who joins VE Solar becomes a member of our VE Solar family and welcomed with open arms. 

Work Culture (Our Environment)

VE Solar respects and value the individuality and diversity that every employee brings. Our people are the key to the success of our company that is why VE Solar fosters and encourages a synergistic and accommodating work culture. We welcome both autonomous working efforts and team-based initiatives to the company. In order to identify our most valuable assets – our employees, VE Solar inspires a culture that works and plays well together.